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Conservation and Restoration

If you live in a listed building or in a conservation area you will know how important it is to conserve not only history but also your home!

At Townley Joinery we have a lot of experience in working on listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas. We have a  passion for heritage and desire to help you keep, or bring back your home to its original condition.

To achieve this goal, if we can restore, we restore, but if is beyond restoration then we can manufacture an exact replica.

We are happy to work alongside your local conservation officer.

If your doors or windows are single glazed and have no draught proofing, in winter your house can become a very cold, draughty and expensive place to keep warm. Along with draught proofing your doors and windows, installing the latest slimline double glazing will make such a difference to the warmth in your home and can be used in the original window section.

Planning and conservation authorities will consider the use of the slimline double glazing as there is no change to the physical appearance of a window but provides a serious reduction in energy requirement and therefore a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


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