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Windows & Doors

Why Choose Wooden Windows & Doors?

  • They add value to your home.
  • They have a lower environmental impact than any other material.
  • They can be repaired and recoated to continue looking beautiful throughout their life.
  • Timber provides one of the best insulation values of any material in constructing a window.

At Townley Joinery we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials whatever style of window or door you desire from contemporary to traditional styles.

The products we use:


  • European Oak
  • Sapele
  • Idigbo
  • Accoya


  • Soft/hard coat low e glass (Low e glass reflects long wave radiation and heat back into the room)
  • Warm edge technology.
  • Argon/Kryton filled.
  • Decorative glass/stained work.
  • Laminated and toughened glass (where required).
  • Slimline double glazed units for windows in conservation areas. (Planning and conservation authorities will consider the use of slimline double glazed units as there is no change to the physical appearance of a window and provides a serious reduction in energy requirement and therefore a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.)

Our windows meet thermal efficiency and performance regulations.


Our ironmongery is sourced for its quality, design and durability.


We hand paint our windows and doors using Sikkens or Johnstones Weathersheild high quality paints or varnishes. (we hand paint our products because you can touch up a scratch or chip at any time. Whereas to touch up a spray painted surface is like touching up a car body, it will always look different unless it is sprayed again.) Sikkens and Johnstones have a wide range of beautiful contemporary or traditional colours.

Our Doors

A door is one of the main features to the outside of your home and it can say a lot about your personal style and taste.

We would like to make a door for you that is both beautiful and at the same time, secure.

We use only solid timber.

Our doors are made using only solid timber, we do not use engineered or veneered wood.

They are also made using a traditional mortice and tenoned wedged joint which sadly is rarely used today due to the rise in mass production but will make your door more structurally sound.


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